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We are Paragon Wellness; a mental health counseling, fitness, meditation, and strategic consulting practice. Like any other therapist or coaching professional, we offer support during trying emotional times, and clarity of observation when pursuing goals.

Where we differ is the wealth of technical skills applied to direct effective, efficient improvements in health, happiness, security, clarity, energy, and strength of mind. Blending scientific literacy and person-centered communication skills, we take pride in helping you identify an optimal path, develop, execute, and adapt an optimal process, and provide a balance of support, accountability, and analysis along the way.

Most of our clients have seen traditional therapists before, but wanted more than what they were getting by way of results. 

If you seek to go beyond mere investigation, and into powerful strategic action, to understand and act upon the moving pieces of what makes our emotions occur, to learn tactics to have greater command of the chemistry and electricity that runs emotion, thought, and behavior, and to maximize positive results through applied science, strategy, and philosophy, then we are meant to work together.

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