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Life is hard.  And in that struggle, it becomes easy to lose track of what we really want and need from our time in this world.  And if that happens for long enough, our mind will communicate its pain.  Pain is the signal by which our mind and body communicate a craving for something different, the universal language of biological systems.

In its own way, just making the time and space to reset your operating system can help you sharpen your focus on what matters most.  For some, this is better achieved with an active listener who can offer a supportive environment and investigative feedback to coax profound reflection and encourage values-driven action.  This much should be the minimum one expects of any therapist. 

What sets us apart is specialized training for people who need or want to optimize their own physical and mental systems through study and practice of applied scientific research.  Most of our clients have seen traditional therapists before, but wanted more than what they were getting by way of results. 

Our clients often seek to go beyond mere investigation, and into powerful strategic action.  We help our clients achieve this through discovery of the moving pieces of what makes our emotions occur, learning tactics to have greater command of the chemistry and electricity that runs emotion, thought, and behavior. 

Put simply, when you master the scientific, strategic, and philosophical inputs of the equation to the best of your ability, you get more of the outputs you seek. 

Whether that requires the support and introspection into your inner self that comes with therapy, the clarity of meditation, the energy of hard and efficient exercise, the confidence from practical training, or the satisfaction of goals met through professional or academic consultation, we look forward to helping you on your path to becoming a Paragon of your best self.

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