We live in a world where everything is regarded as relative, all opinions deemed valid.  While this opens up many possibilities in life, it can also blind us to the folly of ineffective ways of thinking and behaving.  For some things in life, there are effective ways and ineffective ways.  For others, there are ways more effective and less effective.  And for the rest, the nuance makes the answer one of personal preference.  Rational inquiry, or the process of understanding reality through controlled observation, allows us to act with the greatest chance of getting what we seek. 

Working with us, we will cover the chemical, electrical, and structural mechanisms of the body and brain, that once better understood, can help enhance clarity, focus, and mood.    Each chemical that works to create each emotion has several actions one can take to raise or lower the related emotional state.  Specific patterns of thought when repeated enough times shape the brain structure, and even the expressions of DNA itself.  We also discuss the primal origins of why certain desires and stresses hold such power, and how modern life can seem out of touch and unsatisfying when performing to society's expectation.  

Properly armed with clear answers about how the body and mind really works and how to really make controlled changes, you will have the capability to create a hardware upgrade that benefits everything you would do in life. 


There is more to mastering life's challenges than knowing how to maximize the potential of your own brain and body.  The outside world's conditional opportunities and problems are far more nuanced than the steps required to improve personal functioning.  No scientific paper exists that can dictate all of the many choices required in daily life.  To aid you in this process, we are trained to hone the edge of rational inquiry outward.  Through developing a keen understanding of cause and effect, action, belief, and consequence, the way to the best decision available in the next moment becomes much clearer. 

Much has been written by masters of life's different fields on the nature of strategic reflection and action.  From Machiavelli to Musashi, Clausewitz to Seneca, Marcus Aurelius to Siddhartha, strategists have long recorded their own methods for observing the many moving parts of their reality.  By selecting the optimal factors, maximizing strengths and minimizing disadvantages, moving with proper timing and environmental conditions, and acting according to their own purposes, many great things have been achieved.  

When working with us, we seek not only to empower you to enhance your own capabilities, but also their efficiency when employed in the outside world. 


Even when personal development and effective decisions and actions have become second-nature, there is something far more important that requires ceaseless reflection:  purpose.  Clear answers and universally practical guidelines exist for much of life, but not for telling us how and why we should live it.  Despite our rigorous examination of how to become capable of taking effective action and how to take it effectively, it would mean little without respecting and encouraging your discovery of what it is all for.  In this way, we work to remain your avid students to adapting our assistance to your own expressed purposes. 

Put plainly, being effective at helping you discover your potential and utilize it to the fullest realization of life's ambitions is not enough.  We must do so with unconditional positive regard, deepest respect, gratitude, and humility.  Anything less is undeserving of a Paragon.