Therapy Evolved Episode 12 - Health or Body Image?

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Beth Pace & Molly Bahr, two licensed professional counselors, have a discussion on the interplay between fitness as a health barometer and as a symptom of vanity and dysfunctional social pressures.

In this interview and hopefully others, we hope to bring fresh perspectives by giving you perspectives from those other than myself, Ken Knight. I hope that the points of convergence and divergence alike provide valuable provocation of thought and an enjoyable listen. Please feel free to contact me on the web form to offer input.

Therapy Evolved Episode 11 ; Work/Life Balance

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Once more with Beth Pace, a New Orleans-based therapist, on another topic near and dear to counselors everywhere: Work/life balance.  How much money is enough?  How much really, really isn't?  How long can someone tolerate abject misery in a work environment?  What does one do when they realize they are stuck in an unsustainable and/or unsatisfying situation?  What if there are multiple people who depend on your income?  What can you do if you are not yet able to make a lifestyle change but want some short-term relief?

I really enjoyed the radically different perspective, and can look back and say that I am able to see perspectives that would never have come to me without such natural conversation among a peer who is equally brave enough to shrug the status quo. 

Therapy Evolved Episode 10 - Beth Pace, Round 2

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What is stress?  Why do we have it?  Why is it so detrimental to our modern performance today?  And most importantly, what do we do about it?  I deeply enjoyed this discussion with Beth Pace, LPC, a New Orleans-based therapist, on the evolutionary mechanisms of stress. 

Through developing scientific literacy and being less of a stranger to the workings of our own body, humans have immense potential to turn their challenges into opportunities to perform better than they could ever imagine, with a happier mindset along the path. 

It is my hope that Beth will be joining us as a regular co-host and contributor.  If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to shoot an email and let us know your thoughts. 

* As a note after listening, discussing the need for oxygenation, CO2 buildup, lactic acid fermentation, and a host of other cellular processes are involved that lead to cell death without rapid resupply.  I use taking out the trash and scrubbing the garbage metaphorically.  There is nothing inherently damaging about CO2 until the levels become incredibly high, but there are harmful byproducts that require expulsion in the cell at regular intervals that is aided by an oxygen supply. 

Therapy Evolved Episode 9 - Daphnie Domino

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When most people think of a therapist, they do not think of foul-mouthed hunters, recovering addicts, and outdoorsy physical fitness enthusiasts.  Listeners buckle up, and kids cover your ears, as we have a raw and brutally open discussion with Daphnie Domino, LPC, and PhD student at the University of New Orleans.  Here we discuss the many flaws in the mental health system,  her own struggle with addiction, and the necessity of the outdoors, hard work, and physicality in a healthy life.  Daphnie is admirable in her vulnerability and insight, and she does an amazing job at outlining how adapting to her evolved needs through hunting has allowed her to become a better therapist and person. 

In the constrained world of clinical work and academia, this was a breath of fresh air for me, who despite all of this training and indoctrination, finds way more enjoyment and familiarity in a boxing ring or a jungle than the stifling corridors of higher education.  

Therapy Evolved Episode 8 - Sarah King

Interview with environmental researcher & University of New Orleans doctoral student in urban planning, Sarah King, on sustainable perspectives and questions to any human looking to interface with any environment.  What motivates us to use more than we make?  How can we learn to curb that instinct for long-term well-being?

Sarah is currently part of the CHART initiative, or center for hazards assessment, response & technology.  Her work and research currently focuses on discovering solutions to the problem of coastal erosion in the Gulf Coast of Southeast Louisiana. 

Therapy Evolved Episode 7 - Terry Richard

In today's episode we are joined by Terry Richard, a psychiatric nurse working for the New Orleans Court Intervention Services, Drug Court Medication Assisted Treatment program.  We discuss the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to mental health, how an increased honesty in our society about the prevalence of mental health as a concern could reduce its stigma, how a flexible approach to care can have great outcome results, as well as a brief exchange on the medication vs behavior spectrum as mechanism for change. 

Therapy Evolved Episode 6

In today's episode I interview Katie Fetzer, a Baton Rouge-based Licensed Professional Counselor, and classmate at the doctoral counseling program at the University of New Orleans.  Katie Fetzer is a co-founder of The Wellness Studio, a therapy group practice which merges therapeutic counseling methods with the inspiration of art and interior design to help encourage clients to cultivate motivation and take their action steps toward goals. 

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Therapy Evolved Podcast Episode 5

In this episode we are joined by Chinmay Aradhye, an experimental psychology doctoral candidate at Oakland University, to discuss the doctrine of evolutionary psychology as a biologically-backed macro-level theory by which clinical models can align to enhance scrutiny and scientific rigor.

This discussion follows concern regarding the disparity in competency and scientific-backing which plague the mental health community.  Hopefully listeners will be better informed when seeking a professional to help with physical, mental, or emotional fitness. 

In addition to discussing evolutionary psychology, adaptation, and the flow of scientific understanding from biology to psychology, we cover some problems facing the research, clinical care, and university environments which contribute to difficulty in the public trusting related professionals and their findings. 

Therapy Evolved Podcast Episode 4

In this episode, we are joined by Beth Pace, a New Orleans-based therapist(licensed professional counselor) who specializes in addiction.  Beth is the drug court clinical services director contracted through Orleans Parish Court Intervention Services, and somehow finds time to work in private practice.  We cover the nature of insight, humanistic principles of therapy, and the interplay of human biological programming with addiction and human suffering in general. 

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